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“The provider I worked with before Harmony was not friendly. I felt no personal connection. They would not let me live my life and treated me like a child. I wanted to be a free person, go places and see friends. I was not able to go out and do things. It was like being in a hospital – very depressing.

Harmony goes out of their way to help me in all aspects of my life. Each employee has a license - all are safe drivers. I can go to the store and go shopping on my own. The relationship with Harmony Home Health has been wonderful. With the owner Kim, I can talk about anything. She is not doing it for the money.

It is important to have a provider that assists you in making improvements in your life. You can’t do this on your own. With Harmony, I’m healthier, I believe in myself and I have Goals. Harmony makes sure that I am on track. They take an interest in you personally.

The Harmony team members who work with me are trustworthy and dependable. This is important since I need someone there all the time. I have a Harmony employee, named Cory who is awesome. I can tell her anything.”

~ Dan, Age 25, Harmony Home Health Client

“I’ve worked with two other agencies; the first agency was horrible! There was no schedule. I didn’t know if someone would show up; and many times, nobody did! That didn’t work out at all! The second agency just did not hire top notch aides.”

~ Marilyn, Parent of Harmony Home Health Client

“We are dedicated to our clients. We have fun... we go to concerts; we try to get our clients out to do what they like to do!

We work with the families of our clients, too, and satisfy their wishes as well; like providing special diets, preparing and administering meds the way that they like it, and taking care of animals, as a few examples.

We have a client that works on first shift. We take him to work and stay with him (at work) all day. He works at Goodwill and that gives him a sense of worth and ‘giving back’ to the community.

Kim will supply whatever the client needs; like shower chairs, help getting a wheel chair, a fax machine, medical equipment, walkers, locking boxes for special medicine dispensing, as some examples. If she doesn’t have it, she will find it and make arrangements to get it for the client.”

~ Carol, Harmony Home Health Care Team Member

“Kim has been awesome about working around my other job! and, I’ve got two kids that require tending to school responsibilities, and she’s willing to work around that; She understands!

Harmony works with us and does extra things to recognize good efforts; like giving us gift cards. They really appreciate us!

At Harmony Home Health we are given the chance to get to know the client on a one-on-one basis!

We are never referred to us as just an ‘aide’; we are introduced by name, and as the person that is taking care of our clients... and that means a lot to me.”

~ Jenny, Harmony Home Health Care Team Member